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Plastics have an uneasy relationship with humanity. Vital in so many ways, they are also responsible for a great deal of our modern dilemmas. It is hard to imagine the last fifty years progress without the great advances made in plastics, yet the next fifty years are hard to imagine with them. Already the call to remove all shopping bags from supermarkets has the support of Governments and peak bodies.

Our ongoing relationship with the material seems inevitable, especially as the strength and durability becomes synonymous with steel. The subsequent byproducts and obsolete materials do not necessarily need to become stamped with ‘used by dates’, and ‘Revivication’, the exhibition exploring plastic in the contemporary world explores the aesthetic and sustainability of second generation plastic with this in mind.

Mankind faces near insurmountable odds dealing with the byproducts of its consumerist lifestyle, however, the first small steps must be to look at the beauty and aesthetic within, helping us to embrace the material.


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